“Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon ?

Review and thoughts so far.

“Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon” or “DanMachi” for short is a harem based anime staring Bell Cranel who resides in the Hestia familia which is the faction/ family that he and Hestia her self are in.

So where do I even start ?

Bell is an absolutely amazing protagonist he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders without even knowing it, he was blessed by Hestia since all gods can give you their blessing if you join their familia. He started off very weak, the only thing he wanted from becoming an adventurer was to save a beautiful girl in a dungeon so they would fall in love what happened was the exact opposite..

At the brink of being attacked he was saved by a mysterious beautiful maiden named Ais Wallenstien.

Above ~ Ais Wallenstien

furthermore,if you have watched the anime you are all wondering the question.

“Who is best girl”

Here are the options.; Hestia the goddess, Ais the sword princes, or lil lili the master of disguise

In my opinion I am a fan of the all mighty Hestia. She shows the emotions of pure absolute love she wants nothing but the best for bell and not only that, she wants him because of the person he is “the argonaut” he is the charming hero but only in her eyes. He is so special to her and she is so grateful that she is able to meet him in her seemingly eternal life because when he is gone she won’t ever forget him. In simpleton terminology,” she loves him. “

A pair like no other”

But because of his hidden skill they can’t be lovers, he grows rapidly in strength, agility, awesomeness, kindness, reflexes. His hidden skill is named “ lairis freese “ meaning garented growth as long as his feeling of love sill reside in him. That is, the love for Ais even though no one knows this excellent or Hestia her self. Ais was the one who awakened bell-sans skill and he does not even know it exists.

So now as we summarize how he has this rapid growth that must mean that he has deep love and strong feelings for this girl Ais


It’s a slow progression but as the story continues you start to see her come out out of her shell. Bell is on a constant almost everlasting journey to catch up with her, to make it to her level so she will recognize him as some who who is no longer a coward, as some one who doesn’t need to be saved. In fact some one that can save her.

As of right now we are in season three, I’m very optimistic for what they will continue to bring us and surprise us with every episode.

I recommend this show 9/10 please I beg you to watch, some times you will smile, some times you will cry. You will often be captivated not knowing who you want him to be with and just wanting him to be happy.

Sayonara” from Izumi

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