Why one should never watch “ AKAME GA KILL ”

Now don’t get me wrong, this show is not totally garbage. Before anything I’ll speak about some of the good about the anime.

World building –

The world building in the anime is grand if I must say so. This show starts with, if I must say Tatsumi a skilled swordsman in his mid to late teens. He comes from a far away poor village and travels to the central city, in his mind this city was thought to be a great place for all. A place where someone could rise through the ranks and make a name for the self’s through hard work and sheer determination. Sadly when he arrived he learned that it was the exact opposite. To rise in this cruel world what you needed was money and a corrupted mind.

When he sat out on his journey originally it was him and his two best friends leyasu and sayo.

They were sharing the same dream he was, a dream to rise up and become great so they could take care of the village. Sadly they were destroyed by the cruel world that they wanted to change.

That is the true premise of this tale


An encapsulation of the fragility of death.

In AKAME GA KILL , life is taken just as it was given, it’s a anime where your resolve isn’t enough no matter how strong that resolve might be. A place where even the strong die.

AKAME GA KILL is every thing in that, one that breeds Hate using love as a core derivative. They create bonds to toy with your every being just to show the nothingness that those bonds are. It’s as if when you die the bonds and the strong resolve you spent your whole life creating disappear without a trace.

Once again that is the true essence of AKAME GA Kill

It’s almost rather disturbing what the animation studio was thinking. Or more so what they where trying to convey to us all through the animation and story.

Tatsumi nearing the very end of his life

While the principal of this essay is more metaphysical than any thing. My true thoughts or emotions if I can convey them without a catchy title. Please watch this and if it interest you or sadness you, read the manga. They are very different, Tatsumi lives and loves. He gets to see his dream come true. Two polar opposites of the spectrum.

Before I go I would like to leave you with a question to sit in the back of your mind.

What is life if we lose our bonds and our resolve as we leave this world?

Sayonara from Izumides

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